Waldorf Rocket Synthesizer Review

Waldorf Rocket

The last 2-3 years has seen a rise in the production of mono synthesizers in the market by several different hardware companies. As competition increases, it seems that a quick way to generate revenue for hardware companies is by producing inexpensive mono synthesizers marketed around popular styles of electronic music.

Furthermore, there also seems to be a rise in the demand for hardware synths vs software programs. Many of the leading mono synths are slightly less than the full price of a DAW, or software synth as well. This is a favorable aspect that the market seems to be responding to. Many hardware users also are enticed by hardware synths because they are not affected by ram, processor speeds of a computer, or the need to upgrade to a newer computer in order to continue using it. These are competitive factors that are here to stay, and will continue to influence the market place.

So lets move on to reviewing the Rocket Synthesizer by Waldorf. ( Mind you that i am a Waldorf fan, and in particularly of the Waldorf wave. But i will not let my biases interfere with this review ) This is a very sleek mono synth with a stunning build to it. The unit has a great design, and has an extremely sturdy build and design to it.

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Mike Huckaby On The Cover of 5 Magazine

5 Magazine February 2013 Issue

Issue #91 – Mike Huckaby, E-Smoove, DJ Gregory, Ludus Pinsky & more

Out Now: The February 2013 issue of 5 Magazine is now available. Here’s a look at what’s inside:

In a ridiculously overdue feature, we sit down with Detroit’s Mike Huckaby, who graces the cover of Issue 91 as this month’s 5 Magazine Interview.

We also talk to DJ Gregory about the rediscovery of his Point G alias, and the first of several re-issues & new records that capture his older, rawer sound.

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