Moog SUB 37 Review

Moog Sub37

I have been completely consumed by the arrival of the Moog Sub 37. It has only been 2 days since I’ve had it, and there is a lot to say about it. At first, and even before it’s arrival, i was thinking, Eh, its going to be just ok. And if i don’t like it, i can always have it as something to trade and to sell later on. That turned out to be hardly the case. This synth is a keeper, and I have already signed my name on the back of it. So theres no way back.


So lets talk about the Company first.

Mike Huckaby at MoogMoog is the Nicest company you could ever meet. They really pack a lot of love into their products and craftsmanship. They make you feel like You’ve also been invited over to a home dinner after the purchase of one of their products. Bob Moog would be very happy with the products they have been releasing after his unfortunate passing. It all started at the beginning of 2012 when i received an email from the company stating that they would like to support my work at youthville, would like to donate a limited edition Lil Phatty synthesizer, and needed presets for their Animoog product during the 2012 Movement Fest in Detroit. (I rate the Animoog as one of the top 5 i phone / i pad apps) So things were getting serious. Donating a Lil Phatty Synthesizer gave me the first chance to incorporate a piece of hardware at my workshops, and at youthville. It is really important to show kids the workings of a physical product, and how it relates to the primary aspect of synthesis.

Mike Huckaby Creates Exclusive Track For Moog


The synthesizer arrived int the most perfectly packed way it could. It was packed with a large sheet explaining most of the functions of the Sub 37 synth, and had synthesis terms printed on the inside of the box ! i immediately felt the love they pack their products with as a result of this. I took it out of the box and plugged it in right away. The synth is gorgeous, and is built like a tank. There are high quality components, and a great design found everywhere through out the synth. They even manufacture most of their parts in their own lab, or in the United States. The synth has just been recent released and they are already on their 3rd upgrade ! They plan on continuing to do as many upgrades to the software of the synth as possible. Talk about a Mini Moog 2014, well this is it.


The presets were classic examples typically of a Mini Moog. I will study the presets i need to, and discard most of them to give it my own personal signature sound. Mind you, that i am not a fan of a monophonic synthesizer, and would have probably never bought this synth. I favor a polyphonic synths due to the ability to play chords and to create complex sounds. However, as a result of having the Sub 37 synthesizer, my eyes have been opened and now i can see the importance of having a monophonic synthesizer. I gives you the chance to concentrate on building patches concerning a certain frequency. In the case bass. And yes, it can do that very well.

The Sub 37 allows you to store 256 presets divided into 16 banks of 16 presets. The first 8 or so are factory presets. I was extremely surprised by the ability to be able to see Roland 303 based sounds created within this synth! It is possible to create 303 based sounds in this synthesizer. Truly stunning.


The Sub 37 will turn out to be great for electronic music concerning house and techno. I can see broken beat, jazz and rock genres migrating to the Sub 37 as well. Its well suited for any style of music. I can see making a lot of tracks with this synthesizer.

Here is a Summary and the Pros within this synthesizer that caught my attention :

Pros :

  • Quality shipping – Its packed with a lotta love
  • Solid build – its built like a tank, and it is gorgeous
  • Software steadily being updated
  • Presets can be stored
  • Duo Mode
  • Arpeggiator included
  • Recording and sequencing is possible
  • Rest and tie functions for editing your recorded sequences
  • Great for being a master controller
  • Can Emulate and create Roland 303 sounds
  • Latter filter
  • 2 Lfo’s and modulation capabilities
  • Great key tracking
  • Looping envelopes
  • Bank and preset system allows you to bypass using the small screen
  • Classic feedback trick on a Mini Moog is now hardwired into the synth
  • *Real time modulation of a parameter makes this synthesizer really shine

Cons :

  • Very small screen ( eh, whatever )
  • Power switch is very close to the power outlet


This is a great monophonic synth, built by a great company with a reputation for its products. Its a definite keeper and is welcomed in my studio. By the time you have have made 256 of your own presets on the Sub 37, you not only have had a serious synthesis workout, but you now have one of the meanest monophonic synths on the market. Its duo mode, which allows the user to pitch the each oscillators pitch independently of each, and recordable sequencer, are the greatest features within this synth. Those are the features where you get the bang for your buck. Mind you i must say that this synth is really packed with tons of features,modulation capabilities, and has a great sound possible from it.

It is all the way around a winner. Good job Moog ! I think most producers looking in the market for a monophonic synth will have to consider it.

-Mike Huckaby